TAG Engages In The Maine Senate Race

Themistocles Advisory Group CEO Craig Hooper was quoted on October I in the Maine’s Times Record newspaper, discussing what the tight Maine Senate Race might mean for General Dynamics’ Bath Ironworks shipyard–a builder of Flight III Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers.

“It’s useful to have Susan Collins on the appropriations committee, but it hasn’t helped Bath win new things,” said Craig Hooper, CEO of Themistocles Advisory Group, a Maryland-based national security advisory firm. “The Defense Appropriations Subcommittee may help you keep your production line alive, but it hasn’t helped Bath sustain the Zumwalts, or win the frigate or the Coast Guard cutter.”

He continued:

Regardless of Collins’ current seniority and position, Hooper said BIW shipbuilders have a choice to make on election day: “Either coast with Collins or try something new with Gideon who’s going to start at the bottom and need to fight.”

Bottom line is that Senator Susan Collins is on the way out, and stakeholders for Maine’s larger maritime interests–Bath Ironworks and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard–need to prepare for Senator Sara Gideon, urging the candidate to consider enlisting in the Senate Armed Services Committee.